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The 3D Game Maker

Ever wanted to Create your own 3D computer games?....Well now you can with The 3D Game Maker.
It has a simplistic approach to creating games with a user friendly interface, allowing you to choose from pre defined templated styles, ie...War Games, Racing Games, Shoot-em-ups etc.

You can then choose from a large selection of characters and define what their abilities are, whether it be running, flying, driving. You can also import textures and sounds from external sources.
Making enemies and the final "Boss" enemy couldnt be easier, you just simply select the types from the menu, choose what weapons they may have and 3D Game Maker does the rest.

You can also select props or obstacles from the menu, these could be anything from crates to asteroids.

Once completed you can continue to add level after level and with a simple click of a button export the game as a stand alone application (something very rarly seen in game making apps).


" This is so cool! Now anyone who can play a game on a pc also has the potential to create a game! Brilliant for your career direction! At first I thought it was going to be difficult to work out and that there was going to be loads of programming...Iwas wrong! It's user friendly and dynamic as well as being great value for money"

So all you need to do is provide the imagination and 3d Game Maker does all the hard work.

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