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The 3D Game Maker

Ever wanted to Create your own 3D computer games?....Well now you can with The 3D Game Maker.
It has a simplistic approach to creating games with a user friendly interface, allowing you to choose from pre defined templated styles, ie...War Games, Racing Games, Shoot-em-ups etc.

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Street Fighter Alpha

Manga Entertainment 102 minutes
The Street Fighter license still has life in it yet. With a plethora of games available, a live action film, an animated film, and the Streetfighter 2 V television series currently being released on video, fans have a lot on their hands (and probably not much cash in their pockets). With all these sources, there is a whole bunch of contradictions, so a definitive background is impossible - just accept this film on its own merits. You also have to bear in mind, that unless you are totally up on your Street Fighter backstory, this film will be really confusing.


Raleigh's New Jump Series Bikes - For the seriously confident male

To be seen on the right set of wheels this summer, any enthusiastic rider will need to invest in one of Raleigh’s new Jump bikes, which have been named after the American nicknames given to the Soviet fighter aircraft in the Seventies. The design has been borne out of the BMX concept, so they have the durability for street stunts but also the speed of trail bikes.

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