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Portishead UK Press Conference 8th Oct 1998

Adrian "Hello everyone." (Thu 9:57am)
tony - Music On-Line "Hello everyone." (Thu 10:01am)
tony - Music On-Line "good morning. Just got the word it's starting an hour earlier!!" (Thu 10:02am)
tony - Music On-Line "Is anyone here yet?" (Thu 10:02am)
- "Hello everyone." (Thu 10:03am)
tony - Music On-Line "Has Paul arrived yet?" (Thu 10:03am)
tony - Music On-Line "hi Paul?" (Thu 10:03am)
Adrian "Hi Tony. How are you?" (Thu 10:04am)
tony - Music On-Line "cool, ade. Hope all goes well..." (Thu 10:04am)
- "Hi Adrian, nicew to be late - remember you from interview with Blank in Bridlington - hope things are still going well. Why no NI date as suggested then - I never weant to return to Brid ever again" (Thu 10:04am)
tony - Music On-Line "is that a question, Blank?" (Thu 10:06am)
Adrian "What is NI?" (Thu 10:06am)
- "Northern Ireland" (Thu 10:06am)
Adrian "We had limited time when we were touring but we did play Dublin in Ireland." (Thu 10:09am)
- "The live album, recorded in New York, will do fine but what about thoughts of studio material or is this the last thing on Portishead's mind." (Thu 10:09am)
- "Hello everyone." (Thu 10:10am)
tony - Music On-Line "Can press people please give their name when they log-on. Cheers." (Thu 10:11am)
Adrian "This is the last thing on our minds at the moment.e have just finished a 10 onth world tour and mixed this live album so we are considering a break just to refresh our brains." (Thu 10:12am)
- "Do you think the internet should just be reserved for porn and mail order, as you could be naked right now and I wouldn;t know. Was the internet interviews your own idea as I recently did an on-line with Jason Pierce." (Thu 10:16am)
tony - Music On-Line "Adrian is going to move to a quicker machine!! As a result, the John Dingwall interview will start at 11:30am and all others will run 10 mins later" (Thu 10:16am)
tony - Music On-Line "Dimitri? are you around yet?" (Thu 10:18am)
tony - Music On-Line "Apologies to all. We are running 10 mins late while the band move to a quicker machine. Any questions call me on 0161 228 3217" (Thu 10:20am)
tony - Music On-Line "Paul will continue with his questions until Dimitri shows up!" (Thu 10:24am)
- "To a faster Adrian (lap tops suck) - Where was the most weird date ont he world tour - best experiences etc. Was there any one gig you would rather have recorded to release than the NY one?" (Thu 10:25am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "Hello everyone." (Thu 10:25am)
tony - Music On-Line "Hello Tom. We're running a little late, please be patient" (Thu 10:26am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "ok doke.... " (Thu 10:27am)
tony - Music On-Line "Hello everyone." (Thu 10:30am)
- "Has anybody else got a computer that was 'made in Bedrock'?" (Thu 10:30am)
tony - Music On-Line "No, but I did warn about this!! Sorry to all" (Thu 10:31am)
Adrian "Hello everyone." (Thu 10:32am)
tony - Music On-Line "Is that still you, Paul?" (Thu 10:32am)
- "No worries. Bring me sunshine... (Well, Paul got way laid so it;s been Colin (music ed)" (Thu 10:32am)
tony - Music On-Line "Hey, he's back, please continue, Paul" (Thu 10:32am)
- "I was saying about the world tour. Experiences, etc. Also, are there any other gigs ont he tour you;d rather have recorded to release than the NY one?" (Thu 10:33am)
Adrian "No, I don't think so really. Each gig has something different from the last one. We did sift through a lot of live footage but we are very happy with the new LP. There are two more tracks, one from San Francisco and one from Norway." (Thu 10:35am)
tony - Music On-Line "One more question, Colin. Cheers." (Thu 10:36am)
- "In Norway, they are liking our British music very much, ya? What about during the tour - there are a lot of additional members to Portishead on the road. Did any clicks form or was everything sweet?" (Thu 10:36am)
Adrian "Life on the road is always a complete soap opera. We are all very close and have known each other for years anyway." (Thu 10:37am)
- "Thank, Adrian and Tony. I hope the traffic clears on the information superhighway. :)" (Thu 10:38am)
Adrian "Thankyou. Sorry about the chaos." (Thu 10:38am)
tony - Music On-Line "Okay Tom. Do tou wnat to start?" (Thu 10:39am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "yay! ok doke.... do you feel the internet has a future for the distribution of music as Alan McGee has been saying recently? " (Thu 10:39am)
Adrian "Yes, I do. I am quite new to the internet and very keen onthe possibilities. How do we get paid??" (Thu 10:40am)
Daniel - kool "Hello everyone." (Thu 10:40am)
Tony - Music On-Line "Hello everyone." (Thu 10:41am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "do you not think that the idea of buying music on the internet is wrong, because you don't get any physical object? and you don't get the joy of searching for a record - you just find it instantly, if you know what yr looking for - rather than searching through masses of other records and finding something you've been looking for for ages etc. ?!?!?!" (Thu 10:41am)
Adrian "No I think it is another avenue of buying music. You can still search through record shops." (Thu 10:42am)
Daniel - kool "what's so different about your new album, do you feel that it is a positive progression ?" (Thu 10:42am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "hmph... ok! moving swiftly onwards - are there any plans to release to kill a dead man commercially (possibly combined with the other videos) or make them available over the net? " (Thu 10:43am)
Tony - Music On-Line "I'm afrain Kool have missed the 10:30 slot. Please re-enter at 11:50 to see if there is still a chance to speak then." (Thu 10:43am)
Daniel - kool "Your material sounds like it was made for an epic sountrack to a movie, I'ts actually quite visuall. Is this a consciousness attempt to create atmosphere? " (Thu 10:44am)
Adrian "I think it is a document of what we did with an orchestra and what we have been doing for the last ten months touring." (Thu 10:44am)
Adrian "I think To Kill a Dead Man will be available onthe net." (Thu 10:45am)
Daniel - kool "Hello everyone." (Thu 10:45am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "the other videos? another option would be to put them on the cd's, is that a possibility for you? " (Thu 10:45am)
Adrian "Answering Daniel Kool - Yes we do try and make atmospheres but we don't ever see them as visual things while we are writing." (Thu 10:46am)
Daniel - kool "Why did you choose New York to record the live PNYC?" (Thu 10:46am)
Adrian "Answering Tom - We are quite interested in CD Rom and are releasing some stuff on CD Rom." (Thu 10:46am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "are there any plans for solo projects for any members of the band? " (Thu 10:47am)
Adrian "Because it put an extra edge on playing. It was our first gig for two years and with an orchestra and with new material that nobody had ever heard so we thought we might as well make it really difficult for ourselves and play in another country. Also we could attract world press to come to New York to launch our second album." (Thu 10:48am)
Adrian "Tom - No plans at the moment." (Thu 10:48am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "was it difficult playing to thousands of cold, wet and generally miserable people at glastonbury this year (especially as it's quite close to home....) did you prefer ashton court? " (Thu 10:49am)
Adrian "Tom - Yes, it was difficult. It is very strange to be standing on a stage dry playing to soaking wet people. It feels wrong somehow but we are very glad that everybody watched us. I think Ashton Court was a different buzz because it was very local for us." (Thu 10:52am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "ashton court was pretty local for me too.... the crowd seemed pretty cool too. " (Thu 10:53am)
Tony - Music On-Line "Is Marcie around yet?" (Thu 10:53am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "has any work begun on the third album. hehe <--- tom always anticipates more. " (Thu 10:53am)
Adrian "Tom - Yes it was a cool day." (Thu 10:53am)
marcie - city lights "Hello everyone." (Thu 10:53am)
Tony - Music On-Line "Hello everyone." (Thu 10:54am)
Tony - Music On-Line "Mello Marcie, please wait a second!" (Thu 10:54am)
marcie - city lights "Hello this is Marcie...How are you doing?" (Thu 10:54am)
Adrian "Tom - We haven't really had time to write any new material as it has been pretty full on while we were touring. Unlike quite a few bands, we never write when we are on the road. We might get ideas but we have always been so studio-based and life onthe road for us is always intensely traumatic and we don't usually feel that creative, so no, we haven't started work on our third album." (Thu 10:55am)
Adrian "Hello Marcie - alright thanks - how are you?" (Thu 10:55am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "is there any reason why PNYC has taken so long to release? " (Thu 10:56am)
marcie - city lights "i'm fine!How can you prove that this is really you?... tell me about portishead..." (Thu 10:57am)
Adrian "Tom - Yes, because we were touring we didn't have time to mix PNYC as we would like to and we had to make sure we were happy with everything before we released it." (Thu 10:57am)
Adrian "Marcie - what, the band or the town?" (Thu 10:57am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "cool cool.... that's enough for me - i've got to dash! " (Thu 10:58am)
Tony - Music On-Line "We haven't got time for a DNA test! please ask your questions :)" (Thu 10:58am)
Tom Betts - Indie World (website) "cheers adrian and tony" (Thu 10:58am)
Tom Betts - [Tom Betts exits] (Thu 10:58am)
Adrian "Bye Tom." (Thu 10:58am)
marcie - city lights "Abt he band and what you want to acheive over the next 6 months" (Thu 10:59am)
Adrian "Marcie - We would like to get a good night's sleep over the next six months. Refresh our brains, I think and write some more material." (Thu 11:00am)
marcie - city lights "I don't blame you! t mut get complicated working with a 30 piece orchestra" (Thu 11:02am)
Tony - Music On-Line "Do you have another question, Marcie?" (Thu 11:03am)
Adrian "Marcie - It was a complete buzz and is something we had wanted to do for a long time. It took a while to get it all worked out but I think it was worth it in the end." (Thu 11:03am)
marcie - city lights "In any way do you feel that PNYC is better than your two studio albums?" (Thu 11:04am)
Adrian "Marcie - No it's not better or worse - it's a totally different vibe and represents us with an orchestra which is something we wanted to do for a long time and a couple of live tracks from our tour. Sour Times (from San Francisco) I think, represents what we have developed into live and Roades is, I think, a good representation of how incredible Beth can be live." (Thu 11:07am)
marcie - city lights "A loof people see you as a depressing ensemble that offer no light-hearted entertainment. How true do you believe this to be?" (Thu 11:07am)
Adrian "completely true - I dont think we're searching for light hearted entertainment" (Thu 11:09am)
marcie - city lights "You've sold a lot of albums and you have appeal across the board. do you compose music with this in mind or is purely self-fulfilment" (Thu 11:10am)
Adrian "Marcie - We never write to sell albums. We have to be totally happy with everything we do but obviously we are glad that people buy our records and we do promote our records." (Thu 11:11am)
marcie - city lights "Do drugs feature in your lives?" (Thu 11:12am)
Adrian "Marcie = We have never taken drugs while making music and we have never really been involved in taking drugs. I have experimented recently and I understand now what people hear in our music whilst stoned." (Thu 11:13am)
marcie - city lights "Which is.....?" (Thu 11:14am)
Adrian "Marcie - I don't know - try it and see." (Thu 11:15am)
marcie - city lights "I already have.....What would be an ideal world?" (Thu 11:15am)
Adrian "Sorry I don't understand your question." (Thu 11:16am)
marcie - city lights "OK, what would make your world perfect?" (Thu 11:17am)
Adrian "Marcie - Too many things I can't have." (Thu 11:18am)
Tony - Music On-Line "One more quetion please Marcie, Then we'll wrap." (Thu 11:18am)
marcie - city lights "Shame Arian, but I know what you mean. What are you doing for new year 2000?" (Thu 11:19am)
Jason Weaver - The Latest "Hello everyone." (Thu 11:19am)
Jason Weaver - The Latest "Hi! Adrian - you really seem to have become the public voice of the band. Is this so?" (Thu 11:19am)
Adrian "Marcie - I have no idea - I wish it would go away. Bye. :)" (Thu 11:20am)
Adrian "Hi Jason. At the moment I suppose I am." (Thu 11:21am)
Jason Weaver - The Latest "How much has this tour changed the Portishead sound?" (Thu 11:21am)
marcie - city lights "Does this mean i have to go Now?? Thanks for your time and keep up the brilliant music. I'll be throu ext come over to this neck of the woods... Cheers Adrian and Tony." (Thu 11:21am)
marcie - [marcie exits] (Thu 11:21am)
Tony - Music On-Line "Thanks for great questions, Marcia. Byeee" (Thu 11:22am)
Adrian "We definitelyhave changed. We are much harder edged now and there is quite a lot of loud guitars. I don't think this is a reflection on what we will do in the future, it is just what we are doing live." (Thu 11:22am)
Jason Weaver - The Latest "Were you surprised by the critical success of the 2nd LP? You seemed to have been expecting a backlash..." (Thu 11:23am)
Adrian "Yes, I think we were surprised because we had such a bad time making it and it seems the tradition in England to slag off bands that have been successful when they release a new album. " (Thu 11:24am)
Jason Weaver - The Latest "What did you think of John Martyn's version of 'Glorybox'?What did you think of John Martyn's version of 'Glorybox'?" (Thu 11:24am)
Adrian "I was surprised that he did it. May You Never is still one of my favourite songs." (Thu 11:26am)
Jason Weaver - The Latest "(I don't know what happened there!) Was there talk of you working with him? Or did I make that up? " (Thu 11:26am)
Adrian "I think you made that up." (Thu 11:26am)
mark taylor - bristol evening post "Hello everyone." (Thu 11:26am)
Jason Weaver - The Latest "What's all this stuff about Stockhausen? Can we expect a cover version of 'Kontakte' on the next record?!" (Thu 11:27am)
Adrian "Hello Mark." (Thu 11:27am)
Adrian "Jason - Yes, we are going deeply avant garde for our third album." (Thu 11:27am)
mark taylor - bristol evening post "hello adrian, what was it like to headline the Ashton Court Festival this year?" (Thu 11:27am)
Adrian "Mark - Wicked." (Thu 11:28am)
Jason Weaver - The Latest "Thanks Adrian, thanks Tony. This was really good fun! Bye" (Thu 11:28am)
Jason Weaver - [Jason Weaver exits] (Thu 11:28am)
Adrian "Thanks Jason - Bye :)" (Thu 11:28am)
mark taylor - bristol evening post "just wicked? What was it like seeing so many people in your hometown just there for you?" (Thu 11:29am)
Adrian "I don't think they were just there for us. They were there for the whole weekend - it's still one of the best festivals in Europe and there are millions of things going on, as you know. Excellent bands and events and food and stuff." (Thu 11:30am)
mark taylor - bristol evening post "how important is it for you to stay in Bristol as a band - have you ever felt the need to move to London?" (Thu 11:31am)
Adrian "We have never felt the need to move to London but sometimes the desire to move to London. I don't think it matters where we are to make music as long as we are together doing it." (Thu 11:33am)
Adrian "obviously we are pro-Bristol and concerned with everythingthat happens here but I don't think it is important to making music." (Thu 11:34am)
Roy Delaney - westworld "Hello everyone." (Thu 11:34am)
Adrian "Hi Roy." (Thu 11:35am)
mark taylor - bristol evening post "you pulled off a brilliant show at the colston hall this year - what do you think about the fuss surrounding massive attack's refusal to play the venue?" (Thu 11:36am)
Adrian "Mark - I can understand their motives." (Thu 11:36am)
mark taylor - bristol evening post "adrian, the Hazel Winter gig at the cumberland was great - how was London, and will you be continuing to work with her?" (Thu 11:38am)
Adrian "Mark - Thankyou. London was a bit crap as London often is. I am sure we will be working withher - she is unfortunately in hospital at the moment but when she recovers John and I will be doing some more." (Thu 11:39am)
Tony - Music On-Line "Hello everyone." (Thu 11:42am)
Tony - Music On-Line "Do you have another question, Mark?" (Thu 11:42am)
Tony - Music On-Line "Hi Ade, Mark is just re-loading his browser. He'll be back :)" (Thu 11:45am)
Adrian "Hi Tony okay we are still here :(" (Thu 11:45am)
Tony - Music On-Line "Hey....it's working pretty well so far, isn't it?" (Thu 11:46am)
Adrian "Yes, excellent." (Thu 11:46am)
mark taylor - evening post "Hello everyone." (Thu 11:46am)
KOOL MAG - kool "Hello everyone." (Thu 11:48am)
mark taylor - evening post "back again. final question, adrian - do portishead feel any extra pressure to constantly change with each album?" (Thu 11:48am)
Adrian "Hello Kool Mag." (Thu 11:48am)
Adrian "Mark - I think develop rather than change. It is important for us to develop." (Thu 11:49am)
mark taylor - evening post "adrian - thanks for your time and keep up the good work for the bristol scene!" (Thu 11:50am)
KOOL MAG - kool "Beth & Geof seem to hate doing interviews. Is this because the bigger newspapers tend to write the answers to the questions before you've opened your mouths." (Thu 11:50am)
Adrian "Thanks Mark." (Thu 11:50am)
Adrian "I am not sure that they always do - sometimes they arrive with preconceptions of how they are going to write the interview. Geoff does millions of interviews." (Thu 11:51am)
KOOL MAG - kool "do you feel 'safer' behind a monitor than a microphone" (Thu 11:51am)
mark taylor - [mark taylor exits] (Thu 11:51am)
Adrian "Depends where the microphone is." (Thu 11:51am)
KOOL MAG - kool "LOL" (Thu 11:52am)
KOOL MAG - kool "We love your music, but what do you say to those people refering to your music as pretentious hippie shite?" (Thu 11:53am)
Adrian "I have heard it called many things but never pretentious hippie shite. I don't care - I never care if peoople slag us off in that way - I would be more worried if it didn't get a reaction at all." (Thu 11:54am)
KOOL MAG - kool "Are you suprised that the Portishead sound, which some might say is'nt 'Radio friendly', has gained such a large and succesfull following both in the media and the public." (Thu 11:55am)
Adrian "We have Beth's songs and lyrics and I amsure this connects with people so we don't need to be radio friendly." (Thu 11:56am)
KOOL MAG - kool "Why did you choose New York to record the live PNYC." (Thu 11:57am)
Adrian "Because we had just finished our second album, we wanted to launch it and New York seemed a good place for world press to come to and also it made it much more exciting for us, not that there is anything wrong with playing in England - it just put an extra edge on it for us." (Thu 11:58am)
KOOL MAG - kool "Do you plan to do a U.K performance of this magnitude." (Thu 11:59am)
Adrian "We could not afford to do it again - it cost an absolute fortune to hire an orchestra etc. etc. Also I think a lot of bands have done things with orchestras here so I think we were trying to avoid that as well." (Thu 12:00pm)
KOOL MAG - kool "Your material sounds like it was made for an epic sountrack to a movie, I'ts actually quite visuall. Is this a consciousness attempt to create atmosphere? " (Thu 12:00pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Hello everyone." (Thu 12:01pm)
Adrian "We never write music with pictures in mind but we are obviously involved in atmosphere and try to create an atmosphere sonically." (Thu 12:01pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "One more question please, Kool. End of session is nigh!" (Thu 12:02pm)
KOOL MAG - kool "Who would you most like to have a one2one with aand why? Thanks for your time it's been great" (Thu 12:02pm)
Adrian "Martin Scorcese. I would like to ask him millions of questions about his films." (Thu 12:04pm)
KOOL MAG - [KOOL MAG exits] (Thu 12:05pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Ade, is your mobile on? Do you have it with you?" (Thu 12:05pm)
Adrian "Yes." (Thu 12:05pm)
Tony - Music On-Line [Tony exits] (Thu 12:08pm)
franki - Music On-Line "everything working here?" (Thu 12:11pm)
franki - Music On-Line "good, good. c-y'all later" (Thu 12:12pm)
franki - Music On-Line [franki exits] (Thu 12:12pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "The next session will begin @ 14:00 GMT. Radio One will log-on at 15:00 GMT. See you then ;)" (Thu 12:15pm)
Tony - Music On-Line [Tony exits] (Thu 12:15pm)
FUSION - ECHOES/CODE "Hello everyone." (Thu 1:12pm)
FUSION - ECHOES/CODE "how r you doing, I'm fusion from Echoes" (Thu 1:15pm)
FUSION - ECHOES/CODE "How hard was it to translate the intimate vibe of 'Portishead' into a live medium" (Thu 1:17pm)
tony - Music On-Line "Hi Fusion. We were due to strat" (Thu 1:21pm)
tony - Music On-Line "Hi fusion. We were due to start at 3. I'm trying to get the band back to the computer as we speak please bear with us" (Thu 1:22pm)
tony - Music On-Line "We will be accepting questions from those people who should have occupied the 1 til 2 slot. Please log-on at 1:50. Thanks everyone" (Thu 1:30pm)
tony - Music On-Line "I have just spoken to Adrian. He will log-on at 1:50. Please have your questions ready. Thanks." (Thu 1:42pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Hello everyone." (Thu 1:46pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "How was lunch?!" (Thu 1:46pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Not bad. Massive." (Thu 1:47pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Size MATTERS?" (Thu 1:47pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Always." (Thu 1:47pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Ayway, don't use the word Massive. People will misquote you!!" (Thu 1:48pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Quite so." (Thu 1:48pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Do we have any Journo's around yet?" (Thu 1:49pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Anyone having problems logging on, please call 0161 228 3217" (Thu 1:50pm)
T - Update "Hello everyone." (Thu 1:51pm)
T - Update "Hello, I'm a bit early, is it ok to start" (Thu 1:52pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Hello T." (Thu 1:52pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Please do" (Thu 1:52pm)
T - Update "hello mate. On with the show.. The film has a very distinctive style what inspired the look ?" (Thu 1:53pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Adrian. -It was inspired by an old film of Miles Davis with Gil Evans. Initially that was the idea. And then we developed it from there. We wanted it to look slow and we wanted stark lighting and we did not want it to look like the usual rock and roll show." (Thu 1:54pm)
T - Update "True - it's not exactly Guns and Roses... there is a lot of orchestration on the album - are you planning on keeping this sound for future albums ?" (Thu 1:56pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Geoff - We don't know - if it feels right, then yes. Adrian- We are definitely into working with and the sound of orchestras. I don't think it means we will do it again particularly." (Thu 1:57pm)
T - Update "You've always been known for your heavy sampling - how would you feel about somebody sampling you?" (Thu 1:59pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Geoff - they have. There have been about 6 or 7 hip hop records and a couple of others. As long as they pay for the publishing like we have to, then we are happy enough, as long as it sounds good." (Thu 2:00pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Can we get questions moving a bit quicker please?" (Thu 2:01pm)
T - Update "I'll bear that in mind... the world tour must have been pretty tiring. what are the plans for 1999 and will there be some new material ?" (Thu 2:02pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Ooooooooooh! :(" (Thu 2:02pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Oi..." (Thu 2:02pm)
T - Update "get herrrrrr !" (Thu 2:02pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "There's no need :))" (Thu 2:03pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Geoff - We need some sleep first and then I can imagine something happening in 1999. Maybe some new work, but we are not thinking about that at the moment. Adrian - Definitely nothing to do with the millenium!" (Thu 2:03pm)
FUSION - ECHOES/CODE "Hi, it's Fusion again. Did you get a chance to answer my first question? If you say 'huh?' then I'll ask you again." (Thu 2:04pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Huh?" (Thu 2:04pm)
FUSION - ECHOES/CODE "How hard was it to translate the intimate vibe of 'Portishead' into a live medium?" (Thu 2:05pm)
T - Update "Is there some sort of echo here ? seriously (sort of) is the headless man a friend of the band ?" (Thu 2:05pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Fusion. Adrian - This is our second tour and we developed a lot of techniques the first time round. We have put about three years of work into it and we think it is happening now but at first it was hard. Geoff - We just had to think about it a lot." (Thu 2:06pm)
Adrian & Geoff "T - the headless man is our dad and he is on to make sure we don't swear." (Thu 2:07pm)
T - Update "Who is the biggest trainspotter in portishead ? don't say andy !" (Thu 2:07pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Geoff - We've got to say Andy. Adrian is into planes and I'm into buses. " (Thu 2:08pm)
FUSION - ECHOES/CODE "This may sound like some real trainspotter stuff, but what equipment to do you regularly use in the studio. " (Thu 2:09pm)
T - Update "on the NY theme, name 5 favourite portishead things/places/people in new york.." (Thu 2:10pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Fusion. Adrian - Old stuff and new stuff. Far, far, far, far too many things to mention really. Valves and tape." (Thu 2:10pm)
Adrian & Geoff "T. Adrian and Geoff - The Soup Shop on St Mark's Place and Second Avenue, the hip hop movement in NYC, the ice rink on Central Park, the madness of the place, everything about it." (Thu 2:12pm)
FUSION - ECHOES/CODE "Also, I once read that you sometimes cut your own instrumental dub plates and then scratch them on the turntables to add texture to tracks. What is the method in your madness? future hold?" (Thu 2:13pm)
T - Update "Are there any outtakes from the film - sex drugs and rock 'n' roll ? when can we expect the director's cut ?" (Thu 2:14pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Fusion. Geoff - We actually put different segments of the track that we are working on that we have recorded ourselves onto vinyl then use messing the vinyl up by scratching to create either more noise or vinyl warmth. Adrian - We also use it live instead of triggering samples - it is our wayof avoiding using a sampler on gigs and allows Geoff to be more creative with the sound." (Thu 2:15pm)
Adrian & Geoff "T. Adrian - There are out-takes but we are not saying anything. Geoff - unfortunately there was no sex involved." (Thu 2:16pm)
FUSION - ECHOES/CODE "Digital vs analogue. What does the future hold?" (Thu 2:16pm)
T - Update "there had been rumours about a remix single.. what's going on there ?" (Thu 2:17pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Fusion. Adrian - Definitely both. Geoff - But know your limits. Adrian - I think the future is definitely in integrating both which is what we have been doing for ages anyway but new hard disc technology is really exciting." (Thu 2:18pm)
Adrian & Geoff "T. Geoff - Nothing really. Just rumours." (Thu 2:18pm)
FUSION - ECHOES/CODE "Trip hop, flip flop, chip shop!!! What's in a genre, eh? But what music forms/artists do you most readily associate yourself with? " (Thu 2:19pm)
T - Update "which artists from the past would you like to remix ? and who from the present?" (Thu 2:20pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Fusion. Geoff - Hopefully good ones. Chip shop. Adrian - Most definitely chip shop with peas. Our influences are really diverse and I don't think we associate ourselves with any one thing. Geoff - It all changes too fast for us anyway. We are far too old for that kind of shenanigans. Adrian - Ooooooooooh Geoff." (Thu 2:21pm)
FUSION - ECHOES/CODE "Do you feel a certain kinship with producers like Trick and RZA [Wu-Tang Clan]? How do you feel about they way that they are pushing back the boundaries?" (Thu 2:22pm)
Adrian & Geoff "T. Geoff - The people that we really respect we wouldn't really want to remix. Everything sounds remixed now anyway. I think the art of the remix has been lost. Adrian - Somehow we need to look beyond remix deconstruct rehash recreate." (Thu 2:22pm)
T - Update "choose one or the other Prince or Rick James ? George Clinton or James Brown ? It's a life or death question..." (Thu 2:24pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Fusion. Geoff - Um - difficult one. I am just glad that the eighties are over and you can hear interesting production techniques in mainstream records. I really do respect the way the Wu Tang have developed that whole style of beats." (Thu 2:25pm)
Adrian & Geoff "T. Adrian and Geoff - James Brown (and possibly Hanson)." (Thu 2:26pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "Hello everyone." (Thu 2:28pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Hello Jon." (Thu 2:28pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Got a new motor?" (Thu 2:29pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "T-can you wrap it up so Blues and Soul get a go? Cheers." (Thu 2:29pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "have you recorded this live album to answer in no uncertain terms critisisms of oversampling and studio project ethos" (Thu 2:29pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Adrian - I don't think we have ever been accused of that, have we? Geoff - And also, the whole second record was based on our own samples that we played anyway. Adrian - We recorded this album because we wanted to work with an orchstra and explore some of those sounds. Geoff - It was another huge part of this that you didn't get on the records. " (Thu 2:31pm)
FUSION - ECHOES/CODE "I'm going to interview RZA from Wu-Tang Clan today, do you want me to pass on your tape? What you want to ask him?" (Thu 2:31pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Fusion. Adrian - Yes. Geoff - It is up to you. We have never met him but send him our best. Say hi. :)" (Thu 2:33pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "why have you chosen Norway and san fransisco for your settings is that an accoustic thing?" (Thu 2:33pm)
FUSION - ECHOES/CODE "Thanks for your time. The album's phat. Keep doing your thing. I'll be signing off with this last question. Hip hop, R&B and dance music seems to be caught up in 4/4 and quantized beats [trainspotter alert!!]. Do you feel that this is the only time signature that people can readily vibe with, or is there room to expirement with African and Latin-inspired rhythms? Would such a project alienate too many people? " (Thu 2:33pm)
Susan Pederson - Personal Computer World "Hello everyone." (Thu 2:34pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "PLease hold for one minute, Susan" (Thu 2:35pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Adrian - Norway, because the vibe that Beth had was amazing and it truly shows how she is live at her best and Sour Times had a vibe about it and it was a version that we did not play at Roseland and it also shows a harder edge that we had developed on tour." (Thu 2:35pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "do you ever sample the choir singimng at portishead church, or even sit on down contemplating about the meaning of hip hop in the confession box?" (Thu 2:36pm)
Susan Pederson - Personal Computer World "Hello everyone." (Thu 2:37pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Susan, please go ahead and join in. Cheers" (Thu 2:37pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "geoff there were rmours that you played rock guitar at your amsterdam gig any truth?" (Thu 2:37pm)
Susan Pederson - Personal Computer World "Hi, I've got a few questions about the technical side of things. First of all, my editor would like to know what kind of sampling technology you use when you record. Have you used PCs and music software before or is it the usual group electronics kind of thing?" (Thu 2:38pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Fusion. Adrian - I don't think anything that has got a groove that you believe in would alienate people. I doubt if we are going to fuse latin-inspired rhythms with our music if we can possibly help it. Geoff - Music, whether it be hip hop, R & B or dance developed from the dance floor. I think it is only recently that it has really gone elsewhere. Adrian - African rhythms are pretty much the basis of it all anyway and they can be 12/8 etc etc (sounding trainspottery). Bye." (Thu 2:39pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Jon. Geoff - No I don't, sorry." (Thu 2:39pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "you mention the miles influence and the gil influence working for bluesnsoul we come from soul jazz tradition. what black influenes do you have? What about Beth's Billie Holiday meets Shirley Manson vocal style?" (Thu 2:40pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "R U eclectic?" (Thu 2:40pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Jon. Geoff - Absolutely and very drunken and very badly. Adrian - I showed him the chords in the dressing room and it was wicked. he was louder than anyone else on the stage. Top guitar antics on one knee." (Thu 2:40pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "What is the best album ever made?" (Thu 2:41pm)
Susan Pederson - Personal Computer World "Do you all have computers and internet access at home? If so, what do you like using them for and where do you hang out on the internet?" (Thu 2:41pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Susan. Adrian - It's a bit of both. We play instruments and then sample them and we don't use PCs. Strictly Atari. Beep, beep, beep." (Thu 2:41pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "do you think that the BBC can beat ITV in the current News ratings battle? What did you think of the Tory party conference so far?" (Thu 2:43pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Jon. Adrian - Many, many black influences from blues through jazz through soul to hip hop. Geoff - Is Shirley Marilyn's sister? But Billie Holliday and Nina Simone we have all listened to. it is difficult to talk about the vocals with Beth not being here to answer for herself." (Thu 2:43pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Jon. Adrian - Yes, how can be help being eclectic? How can anyone help being eclectic? What is the best album ever made? What day is it? Geoff - What do the papers say?" (Thu 2:45pm)
Susan Pederson - Personal Computer World "Why did you decide to make the new CD available only over the Internet?" (Thu 2:45pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Susan. Adrian - yes, we have. Geoff - We all have computers. You will find us in different corners of the www - not telling you where. We could get arrested." (Thu 2:46pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "I know that its been asked before. But there's just something about Bristol. Is there a unique music scene emanating from the west coast, do you see yourselves as 'reprazenting' Roni, Smith & Mighty, etc? What are you guys listening to at the moment" (Thu 2:46pm)
FUSION - [FUSION exits] (Thu 2:47pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Jon. Geoff - I didn't know they were having a conference. Old bladders being bladdery and I think ITV will find because their programmes are cheaper and completely unintellectually challenging but we all watch them. Adrian. I have nothing to say." (Thu 2:47pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Susan. Adrian - It is not only available over the internet. There will be a CD Rom version released only on the internet." (Thu 2:48pm)
tony - Music On-Line "Jon, do fancy just one more question?" (Thu 2:49pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "The video is excellent. The rockumentary element the raod film its brill! What was the aim behind the whole thing? What did you want to get across to people? How's Andy doing by the way I interviewed him for his album. . .he's an intergral part of Portishead, yes??? " (Thu 2:49pm)
Susan Pederson - Personal Computer World "Do you have any plans to start up your own ISP like David Bowie just has?" (Thu 2:49pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Jon. Adrian - I don't think it makes any difference where we are as long as we are together when we make our music (Geoff - it does help!). We tend to keep ourselves very much to ourselves (like everyone in Bristol). Geoff - We do like what's going on musically and will support it." (Thu 2:50pm)
tony - Music On-Line "Jon, could you make it just one more? Cheers" (Thu 2:50pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "Who's concept was it to conduct this revolutionary conference? Are you technological pioneers? Will you seek to boldly pursue this tack in the future?" (Thu 2:51pm)
jon andre - blues&soul "do you dig south park, what are your exterenal influences?" (Thu 2:51pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Jon. Adrian - Thanks. The aim was to make an interesting video of us playing live with an orchestra but also trying to capture some of the vibe of how we made it. We also had a lot of input into how everything looked and, as we said earlier, were inspired by an old Miles Davis film. We didn't want it to look rock and roll. Geoff - Andy does not work directly with us in the studio but he is out on tour with us and is an integral part of Portishead." (Thu 2:53pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Susan. Geoff - If someone gives us the money to do it like Bowie then, yes. if not, no." (Thu 2:53pm)
Susan Pederson - Personal Computer World "Your web site is pretty cool, especially the music clips. Do you have any direct input into the design and what kind of content it features?" (Thu 2:54pm)
jon andre - [jon andre exits] (Thu 2:54pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Calling Radio 1?......." (Thu 2:56pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Jon. Adrian - I think it was somebody from our American record company. Yes, we would like to pursue this tack. Geoff - But we are not wire brains. I have trouble opening my lap top. Adrian - I think it is definitely a good way of doing interviews because it is direct and everybody can see what you are saying straight away and it is not corrupted in any way. Geoff - And other journalists are reading our answers so they know what we said when you are writing your piece. Adrian - There is room for creative journalism and direct speech on the internet. Geoff and Adrian - Yes, we love South Park. Geoff - Completely varied. Anything interesting, sorry not to give you a proper answer but it would take days." (Thu 2:57pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Bye Jon:)" (Thu 2:57pm)
Susan Pederson - Personal Computer World "What’s your favourite computer game? " (Thu 2:59pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Susan. Geoff - Yes, we have worked with Music On-line to try and create something that represents us the right way on the internet. i think there is going to be a lot more happening on it as time goes on. It has been difficult to keep it updated because we have been on tour. Everything that happens like touring and artwork, we have a heavy input in." (Thu 3:00pm)
BBC Radio 1 - Radio One Website "Hello everyone." (Thu 3:00pm)
Susan Pederson - Personal Computer World "Bill Gates: software pioneer or money-grubbing megalomaniac? Can you recommend a new barber and tailor for him?" (Thu 3:00pm)
BBC Radio 1 - Radio One Website "Hello, Radio 1 Web Site Here - can we throw some questions at you ?" (Thu 3:01pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Go ahead R1" (Thu 3:01pm)
BBC Radio 1 - Radio One Website "Hello, Radio 1 Web Site Here - can we throw some questions at you ?" (Thu 3:02pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Susan. Adrian - I am too old to play them. I am crap at them but I still like Tetris. Geoff - WWF wrestling on the Play Station. You can personalise the wrestlers so they look like you and you and your mates can have fights when you are drunk without injuring each other. Adrian - I want to be Rowdy Roddy Piper. Geoff - Steve Austin rocks." (Thu 3:02pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Susan. Geoff - I want his money. Adrian - We have got his money. No we haven't. " (Thu 3:03pm)
Radio 1 Web Site - Radio 1 Web Site "Hello everyone." (Thu 3:03pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Hello Radio 1 - how are you today?" (Thu 3:03pm)
T - [T exits] (Thu 3:04pm)
Radio 1 Web Site - Radio 1 Web Site "For the Radio 1 Audience - can you just explain the thinking behind why you're releasing this live album now ?" (Thu 3:04pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Adrian - We have been on tour since we did it and we have only just got round to mixing it now properly and obviously Sour Times and Roades came from live dates later in the year." (Thu 3:05pm)
Susan Pederson - Personal Computer World "Well, thanks guys. I gotta go write some news now; my deadline looms :^( Good luck with the CD! Bye " (Thu 3:05pm)
Susan Pederson - [Susan Pederson exits] (Thu 3:05pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Bye Susan. :)" (Thu 3:06pm)
Radio 1 Web Site - Radio 1 Web Site "Could you please tell us a little bit about the New York show and why it was a special event ?" (Thu 3:06pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Geoff - It was a live performance of our second album before it was released. It was a way of kind of unveiling it. We also used 30 strings so we could be more experimental. We were really nervous because no-one had heard the stuff before. We chose New York because it was an exciting city to play in. Adrian - Using an orchestra gives an excuse to explore some of the areas that we wanted to and some of the sounds and textures that we always liked but we didn't put on the second album and it also meant that we could expand some of the tunes from Dummy into orchestral versions." (Thu 3:10pm)
Radio 1 Web Site - Radio 1 Web Site "So after the High point of the New York concert, was it an anticlimax to go on the road without the full orchestra ?" (Thu 3:11pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Adrian - Also, the filming of it was an important aspect as well because we had a lot of input into it, how it looked etc. Geoff - We knew it was going to be a special event so the chance also arose to film it. It was expensive. Adrian - And filming it in stark white light was absolutely terrifying we hadn't played together as a band for two years." (Thu 3:12pm)
Tony - Music On-Line [Tony exits] (Thu 3:13pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Adrian - No it was a challenge to make it as exciting and we didn't really miss the orchestra. We moved onto new ground and developed other ideas. Geoff - Yes (scratching beard)." (Thu 3:13pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Tony - come back." (Thu 3:13pm)
Franki - Music On-Line "hi all, tony's stepped out but i'm standing in for him :)" (Thu 3:14pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Oh Franki, do you remember me?" (Thu 3:15pm)
Radio 1 Web Site - Radio 1 Web Site "Have you been spending a lot of time in Bristol recently ? Have you been working with any interesting people ? and what's going on in Bristol these days ?" (Thu 3:15pm)
Franki - Music On-Line "*grins* if i had 10p for every time......" (Thu 3:16pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Adrian - We have only just got back to Bristol. We haven't had a chance to work. Geoff - But we could send you a copy of the Bristol Evening Post. Mrs Evans from 34 Kingswood Terrace has found her dog, Trevor. Ground-breaking stuff. Adrian - And there is a wicked plasticine game in the under-50p part of the classifieds. Unfortunately, the plasticine was missing when I got it." (Thu 3:17pm)
Radio 1 Web Site - Radio 1 Web Site "So Bristol really is cool then ?" (Thu 3:18pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Rocking." (Thu 3:18pm)
Radio 1 Web Site - Radio 1 Web Site "Is there any new music coming from you guys soon ?" (Thu 3:19pm)
mark taylor - bristol evening post "Hello everyone." (Thu 3:20pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Adrian - We are just chilling out and trying to refresh our brains. We have just done a world tour for the last ten months which was absolutely rabid and intense so we are not thinking about new material for a little while although we want to." (Thu 3:21pm)
Franki - Music On-Line "hi mark, you were scheduled for 11.40, did you miss it?" (Thu 3:21pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Hello Mark. Where is that plasticine?" (Thu 3:21pm)
Radio 1 Web Site - Radio 1 Web Site "and finally . . .Where's Beth Today ? Is she hiding or a technophobe ?" (Thu 3:22pm)
Franki - Music On-Line "radio1, can you ask your last 2 questions please, then aidrian geoff can chill out for half an hour" (Thu 3:23pm)
Adrian & Geoff "She is definitely hiding and she might be a technophobe - we don't know. She can work a sampler." (Thu 3:23pm)
Radio 1 Web Site - Radio 1 Web Site "Thanks Guys " (Thu 3:24pm)
Radio 1 Web Site - [Radio 1 Web Site exits] (Thu 3:24pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Cheers!" (Thu 3:24pm)
mark taylor - bristol evening post "No, I was there at 11.40, but I've just returned for more info about that dog " (Thu 3:25pm)
Adrian & Geoff "Neil trod on it at Ashton Court." (Thu 3:25pm)
Franki - Music On-Line "cool :) next up is Gair from Cardiff Uni. at 4.00. c-ya both then?" (Thu 3:25pm)
Adrian & Geoff "See you later. We are going for a cup of tea." (Thu 3:26pm)
Franki - Music On-Line "ok. it all starts up again at 4:00. if Gair gets here around 3:55 we can be ready to start then." (Thu 3:29pm)
Franki - Music On-Line [Franki exits] (Thu 3:29pm)
Roy Delaney - Westworld "Hello everyone." (Thu 3:43pm)
Roy Delaney - Westworld "Just checking in with the Online folks - I'll be here at 5.00 - as arranged." (Thu 3:44pm)
Roy Delaney - [Roy Delaney exits] (Thu 3:45pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "We will be re-starting at 4:00pm as arranged. Can everyone prepare their questions? Thanks, Tony." (Thu 3:49pm)
Helge Tonnesen - Gair Rhydd "Hello everyone." (Thu 3:50pm)
Geoff "Hello everyone." (Thu 3:52pm)
Helge Tonnesen - Gair Rhydd "I suppose you are getting fed up with this so I'll try to be as brief as possible. Who came up with the concept of recording a live album, a film and produce a CD rom?" (Thu 3:53pm)
Geoff "Don't worry. I am not fed-up. The whole concept came at once, the CD Rom idea I think came afterwards from the good people at Music On-Line I think. Because the show was going to be so special for us it would seem stupid not to film it. The idea of actually putting it out came along a little later as well. The idea was just to put on a good concert first." (Thu 3:55pm)
Geoff "From reading my answer back, I've totally contradicted myself." (Thu 3:56pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Ho ho Ho!!" (Thu 3:57pm)
Geoff "Hello Uncle Tony." (Thu 3:57pm)
Helge Tonnesen - Gair Rhydd "We all do all the time. Was it fun doing it?" (Thu 3:57pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Hello my boy....back to work" (Thu 3:57pm)
Geoff "No, not really. We were very nervous. We hadn't played in over two years so the idea of playing a concert with a string section that was being filmed in normal light, playing songs that had never been heard by an audience before, was pretty terrifying." (Thu 3:58pm)
Geoff "I can only really look back and enjoy it now." (Thu 3:58pm)
Helge Tonnesen - Gair Rhydd "Are you happy with the result?" (Thu 3:59pm)
Geoff "Yes, I think we are. We are proud of what we achieved, now it is up to you lot to tell us what you think of it." (Thu 4:00pm)
Helge Tonnesen - Gair Rhydd "I am looking forward to hearing it, especially because of the strings and horns you included. Was that difficult to arrange?" (Thu 4:02pm)
Geoff "We used an arranger called Nick who worked with Adrian a lot. A lot of the structural work was done by myself and Ade and then Ade took it off and worked with the proper arranger, Nick. " (Thu 4:04pm)
Geoff "You will have to excuse me, I'm witnessing my first on-line hangover." (Thu 4:04pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "haven't you stopped yet?!!" (Thu 4:05pm)
Geoff "No comment." (Thu 4:05pm)
Helge Tonnesen - Gair Rhydd "I am sorry to hear that. I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about the film?" (Thu 4:06pm)
Geoff "The idea behind the film came from an old Miles Davis and Gil Evans TV special in the 60s. We wanted to keep it really slow and shot well rather than a real fast cutting pop concert. We all got heavily involved in every angle of the film and the director, Dick Curruthers, if I have spelt it right, had some really nice ideas. Everybody in the Portishead camp worked really hard on it and we are pleased with the way it looks." (Thu 4:09pm)
Geoff "Our main aim was to find the right visual concept to match the music. We almost had to purposely slow things down." (Thu 4:10pm)
Helge Tonnesen - Gair Rhydd "Well considering the dream-like quality to your music, that sounds really interesting. Do you think it could be compared to the work that Tim Pope did for The Cure on "The Cure in Orange?"" (Thu 4:12pm)
Geoff "Testing." (Thu 4:13pm)
Geoff "Testing." (Thu 4:13pm)
Helge Tonnesen - Gair Rhydd "???" (Thu 4:14pm)
Geoff "Sorry, we came off line for the moment and sorry I don't know the director you are mentioning." (Thu 4:15pm)
Helge Tonnesen - Gair Rhydd "That's allright, just me pretending to be a music journalist. About PNYC, how many songs are on it and are there any tracks you are particularly satisfied with?" (Thu 4:16pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Is Joe Macare around from The Word?" (Thu 4:17pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "Hello everyone." (Thu 4:17pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Hi Joe, please go ahead. Helge, could you make your next question the last? Thanks a lot." (Thu 4:17pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "I was wondering whether you follow hip-hop these days? Does it influence your music much, and if so, which artists? " (Thu 4:18pm)
Geoff "Someone has just told me the work he had done and, yes, I really do like it. I am really happy with a lot of them from PNYC and also glad that we have got the bonus tracks of Roads from a festival in norway and the reworked version of Sour Times from San Francisco. To be honest, I can't remember how many tracks there are on there. Sorry. Me pretending to be a musician." (Thu 4:18pm)
Helge Tonnesen - Gair Rhydd "Dim problem. Thank you very much." (Thu 4:18pm)
Geoff "Joe. Absolutely, whether it be from Swollen Members to Premiers Production Work generally, yes, and it still influences me greatly." (Thu 4:19pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "So you don’t take the DJ Shadow view, then?" (Thu 4:20pm)
Geoff "Sorry Joe, has Helga gone?" (Thu 4:20pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "Erm... don't know. " (Thu 4:21pm)
Geoff "What is the DJ Shadow view?" (Thu 4:21pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "He didn't log-off, so he may still be around" (Thu 4:21pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "go 'head, Joe" (Thu 4:21pm)
Geoff "What is DJ Shadow's view?" (Thu 4:22pm)
Helge Tonnesen - Gair Rhydd "I'm logging off now, sorry about that." (Thu 4:23pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "Basically, hip-hop's not been any good for the last fifteen years... as far as I can make out he's an old-skool purist/snob..." (Thu 4:23pm)
Geoff "I would have been 12, 15 years ago. I think it still can be creative and there are still very creative people about. I also like old hip hop but it has to move on." (Thu 4:24pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "How do you feel about Portishead being sampled by hip-hop acts - didn’t Ice-T (and some guy called Nine?) do this or am I imaging that?" (Thu 4:24pm)
Helge Tonnesen - [Helge Tonnesen exits] (Thu 4:25pm)
Geoff "Also, I don't live or pretend to live a hip hop life style. I think that that is what hip hop is largely about and how it changes and develops. When it comes down to hip hop groups sampling us it makes me really happy to think that people like what we do." (Thu 4:26pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "People talk about James Bond tunes/John Barry a lot with reference to your music - would you ever consider actually doing a song for a 007 film? Bring a bit of quality back to the genre..." (Thu 4:27pm)
Geoff "I agree that it needs some quality but not us. That whole Hollywood thing makes me ill. Music supervisors and businessmen." (Thu 4:28pm)
Geoff "I think the concept of the soundtrack album has been lost for a long time." (Thu 4:28pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "Did you deliberately set out to make a very dark record with ‘Portishead’, or was that just the way it developed?" (Thu 4:29pm)
Geoff "For me, personally, every new song has to be heavier in some way than the last. I don't know if the rest of the band agree with me in this but this is just the way I feel. We never sit down and purposely write a dark record - it's just the way it happens." (Thu 4:30pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "Does that mean that new material will follow the same direction?" (Thu 4:31pm)
Geoff "I really don't know. " (Thu 4:32pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "Do you consider your music to have anything to do with dance music now, or did you ever?" (Thu 4:32pm)
Geoff "No. I have never been a great fan of dance music as we know it now. I thought some of the early acid house tunes were really good but because I don't go out to clubs and do chemicals, I never really understand it but then I am not judging people who do." (Thu 4:34pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "Your music seems much more to do with staying in, right?" (Thu 4:35pm)
Geoff "I have never been able to see it from the outside so its very hard for me to say. I can understand why people would think it was staying in music." (Thu 4:35pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "Tricky, who I'm sure you're sick of being asked about, seems to have a desire to respond to success by making records that are increasingly uncommercial... Do you feel any pressure to stay 'underground' , or 'keep it real', as it were?" (Thu 4:37pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Sadie, you're welcome to join in at any time. tony" (Thu 4:37pm)
Sadie - Redbrick "Hello everyone." (Thu 4:38pm)
Sadie - Redbrick "Hi. Your press conference in cyberspace seems to be going well. How into the idea of communicating this way are you?" (Thu 4:39pm)
Geoff "I don't know whether we have ever been 'underground'. I don't know whether any scene like that exists anymore. I suppose we just make music that would appeal to us. You have to survive by selling records. We never expected to do what we did and we may never do it again but I don't think we will try not to. I think you want as many people as possible to hear the music you're making." (Thu 4:39pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "One last question - does the emotional tone of the songs come from Beth’s lyrics, or vice versa?" (Thu 4:40pm)
Geoff "Hello Sadie. I do it all the time at home. I am always on the compuserve chat rooms talking rubbish." (Thu 4:40pm)
Geoff "Joe. Beth's lyrics are usually one of the last things on the track so really she feeds off it but then the production and the finishing touches are based around her words." (Thu 4:41pm)
Joe Macare - The Word "Thanks, this has worked great. Logging off now. Cheers!" (Thu 4:42pm)
Joe Macare - [Joe Macare exits] (Thu 4:42pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Thanks a lot, Joe." (Thu 4:42pm)
Sadie - Redbrick "If you weren't making the kind of music you currently make, what direction would you head in?" (Thu 4:42pm)
Geoff "Cheers, Joe." (Thu 4:42pm)
Geoff "I really enjoyed the tour and we definitely went in a different direction than we usually sound like. I think I would make ear-shattering guitar music but it would still have to be heavy emotionally. I couldn't bring myself to do something that was really up." (Thu 4:44pm)
Sadie - Redbrick "So, more of a rainy afternoon man than a sunny morning kind of guy. What music to you put on to cheer yourself up?" (Thu 4:46pm)
Geoff "I know it sounds really bad, but I don't play any music to cheer me up. I drink beer instead." (Thu 4:47pm)
Geoff "But we are not really depressive types as you might think." (Thu 4:48pm)
Geoff "Are you still there?" (Thu 4:50pm)
Sadie - Redbrick "You're obviously into exploring different types of media, film etc. Would you ever consider making a Portishead feature film-a Beatle's 'Help' type of thing?" (Thu 4:50pm)
Geoff "Aaaah - no! Not quite us. I think you need some serious personalities for that type of thing." (Thu 4:51pm)
Geoff "We made one film once called 'To Kill a Dead Man' and that will really show you how wooden we are in front of the camera." (Thu 4:52pm)
Sadie - Redbrick "How do you feel about the fact that people worldwide make love to your music?" (Thu 4:53pm)
Sadie - Redbrick "I think i'd be flattered" (Thu 4:53pm)
Geoff "It's alright for some." (Thu 4:53pm)
Sadie - Redbrick "Is there anyone you'd like to collaborate with?" (Thu 4:54pm)
Sadie - Redbrick "On your music I mean" (Thu 4:55pm)
Geoff "Portishead has never collaborated with anyone in the past - we have always kept ourselves to ourselves. I think personally I am too much of a control freak and it might not be a good idea." (Thu 4:55pm)
Geoff "Even though there are a lot of people that we admire." (Thu 4:56pm)
Sadie - Redbrick "There must be someone who you admire who you'd like to mesh creatively with" (Thu 4:56pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "If Roy from Westworld is around, please join in." (Thu 4:57pm)
Roy Delaney - Westworld "Hello everyone." (Thu 4:57pm)
Geoff "I think they're all dead and I think that some collaborations just don't work." (Thu 4:58pm)
Geoff "Hello Roy." (Thu 4:58pm)
Roy Delaney - Westworld "Roy from WW at UWE here. Go on then, tell us, which questions are you sick of having to answer having sat here all day?" (Thu 4:58pm)
Sadie - Redbrick "One last thing, we have a feature called 'Do you know?' which states unusual facts about musicians. Is there anything unusual about yourself you'd like to confess?" (Thu 4:58pm)
Geoff "Welcome Roy from Bristol. I will answer Sadie's and be with you soon. I like carving balsa wood." (Thu 5:00pm)
Geoff "I have just taken over from Adrian so fire away!" (Thu 5:00pm)
Sadie - Redbrick "Thanks a lot, it's really worked wel.l" (Thu 5:00pm)
Geoff "Thanks Sadie." (Thu 5:01pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Cheers, Sadie" (Thu 5:01pm)
Roy Delaney - Westworld "Hello?" (Thu 5:02pm)
Geoff "As me any question you want, Roy." (Thu 5:02pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "PLease go-ahead, Roy" (Thu 5:02pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Roy?........" (Thu 5:03pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "I'll give Roy a call, Geoff. Hold on mate." (Thu 5:04pm)
Geoff "I think Roy's been on the cider." (Thu 5:04pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "If anyone else is around. please start with your questions now. Thanks" (Thu 5:06pm)
Julian Marshall - Student Direct "Hello everyone." (Thu 5:07pm)
Geoff "Hello Julian." (Thu 5:07pm)
Julian Marshall - Student Direct "Hi, Julian from Manchester here. I'm a bit early!" (Thu 5:08pm)
Roy Delaney - Westworld "Hello?" (Thu 5:08pm)
Geoff "No worries, carry on." (Thu 5:08pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Carry on Julian, Roy will join in too. Please go ahead" (Thu 5:08pm)
Roy Delaney - westworld "Hello everyone." (Thu 5:08pm)
Geoff "Welcome back Roy." (Thu 5:09pm)
Julian Marshall - Student Direct "You were talking earlier about 'To Kill A Dead Man'. Do you think films and music can work together effectively?" (Thu 5:09pm)
Roy Delaney - westworld "Sorry about that pups, my computer just died on me. You've got two of us at once now." (Thu 5:10pm)
Geoff "You only have to look at Psycho to Pulp Fiction to see that they can work together definitely." (Thu 5:10pm)
Geoff "That's alright Roy." (Thu 5:10pm)
Roy Delaney - westworld "So, do you still get that childish thrill at seeing your bands' name on the front of every fifth bus that goes out of the centre of Bristol, or has the novelty worn off yet?" (Thu 5:11pm)
Geoff "I think that Hollywood has lost the plot now though. It's more about selling the soundtrack to kids rather than it working with the actual film." (Thu 5:11pm)
Julian Marshall - Student Direct "I agree,and in the case of your video's they are stunning, but don't you think that far too often a video is never fully thought out and dull visually?" (Thu 5:12pm)
Geoff "Roy. I come from Portishead, so I'm used to seeing the buses. I think it is the 358 and 359 that go through Pill." (Thu 5:12pm)
Geoff "Julian. MTV will not show videos that cost under £250,000 now in the daytime. If you do anything that is slightly different, e.g. it's cut to suit the music rather than being all flashy on your eyes, they don't really want to know." (Thu 5:14pm)
Roy Delaney - westworld "I heard rumours coming out of Portishead (the town) that you scrapped the first recording of the last album,cos you didn't think it was quite right. True, or just a slander?" (Thu 5:14pm)
Geoff "Roy. Not true. We did dump an awful lot of material but never finished tracks." (Thu 5:15pm)
Geoff "Also Julian, you have got to have speed boats or helicopters in your videos now for it to be shown." (Thu 5:16pm)
Roy Delaney - westworld "Is any of that stuff ever likely to see the light of day, or do you feel to much of a perfectionist to let it slip out?" (Thu 5:16pm)
Geoff "Roy. We do have a large back catalogue but more sounds and beats rather than songs. I expect we will go back to it one day, maybe to use on another album if we still work that way." (Thu 5:17pm)
Julian Marshall - Student Direct "Or nazi imagary in the case of Rammstein!!!!!" (Thu 5:17pm)
Geoff "Rammstein rocks!!!!!! No not really. We played a festival with them in the summer - all those fireworks, I think we were just jealous." (Thu 5:18pm)
Roy Delaney - westworld "I suppose I've got to ask this, and sorry if it's been asked before, but what's your stance on this whole Colston Hall = Slavery Support issue that's doing the rounds of Bristol right now?" (Thu 5:19pm)
Roy Delaney - westworld "PS. Rammstein = Laibach, only less funny (or woorying)" (Thu 5:20pm)
Geoff "I agree with what Massive were saying. I was more concerned with the Festival of the Sea celebrating what exactly? " (Thu 5:20pm)
Geoff "Roy. Worrying." (Thu 5:20pm)
Roy Delaney - westworld "But you had no qualms in playing the place then. Helen at UBU was telling me you said you'd never play there, and then you dumped the gig there for The Colston. I guess that was to do with safety tickets sold more than anything else? Oh yeah, Worrying. I'll learn to type one day." (Thu 5:22pm)
Julian Marshall - Student Direct "Goeff, what are Portishead's seven deadly sins?" (Thu 5:22pm)
franki - Music On-Line "hi all, i'm back. can roy tie up now, we're into Julians 20 mins" (Thu 5:23pm)
Roy Delaney - westworld "Hello, we're all spelling badly now." (Thu 5:23pm)
Roy Delaney - westworld "Cheers then kids. I'm off. Thanks for the chat." (Thu 5:24pm)
Roy Delaney - [Roy Delaney exits] (Thu 5:24pm)
Geoff "Julian. Beer, fags, caffeine, spending too much money on useless gadgets and the other three are unmentionable. Not very rock and roll." (Thu 5:24pm)
Julian Marshall - Student Direct "Not in the slightest bit rock and roll I'm afraid. Christian Union Rules. Are those three unmentionable ones really that bad?" (Thu 5:26pm)
Geoff "Cheers Roy." (Thu 5:26pm)
Geoff "No, just personal, for me anyway." (Thu 5:26pm)
Roy Delaney - Westworld "Hang on - how about me UBU question?" (Thu 5:27pm)
Roy Delaney - [Roy Delaney exits] (Thu 5:27pm)
Geoff "What's UBU?" (Thu 5:28pm)
Julian Marshall - Student Direct "Fair enough. Do you feel in any way responsible for the Sneaker Pimps? And were you a little amused when they split?" (Thu 5:28pm)
Geoff "I am not responsible for their actions. They never bothered me enough and I didn't know they had split." (Thu 5:29pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "Hello everyone." (Thu 5:32pm)
Julian Marshall - Student Direct "The singer went off in a huff citing "musical differences". The whole concept of the NYC show was to use musicians to help to reproduce the 'Portishead' record as closely as possible. Given this, and the well documented dislike by Beth of live performan" (Thu 5:32pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Ben? Feel free to join in whenever :)" (Thu 5:32pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "Hello Geoff. How do you feel about your band name being an anagram of 'Hot Despair' and 'Dire Pathos'?" (Thu 5:33pm)
Julian Marshall - [Julian Marshall exits] (Thu 5:33pm)
Geoff "But the NYC show was all about taking things further as well with using the string section on old tracks from Dummy. I think we were all hesitant about live performance but after being on the road for a year, things change. I don't know whether Beth is happier now about singing live or not but I am sure she enjoyed some of the shows." (Thu 5:34pm)
Geoff "Shot Diaper and Pets Hairdo are also good anagrams for Portishead." (Thu 5:35pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "cool" (Thu 5:35pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "Hello everyone." (Thu 5:36pm)
Geoff "Hello Ben." (Thu 5:36pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "What do you think of the current state of hip-hop and do you still see your music as being closely related to hip-hop?" (Thu 5:36pm)
Geoff "I think currently hip hop is good, all the independent stuff from New York and San Francisco. I think we have a relationship with hip hop but we are not it because we don't live it." (Thu 5:38pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "The last album deliberately contained almost no samples - was that to prove a point? and is it something you'll continue with?" (Thu 5:38pm)
Geoff "I think the whole sample thing went really messy for a while with the CDs you can buy which have 5000 funky beats on them. To try to keep original and to continue to experiment, we felt it was the right thing to do and we had the capabilities to do it within us, even though it was a bit of a nightmare." (Thu 5:40pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "Do you think it's just been a case of too many people using the same samples (James Brown and whatnot)?" (Thu 5:41pm)
Geoff "The whole sample situation still winds me up a lot. I think because of the easiness within sampling, I think that a lot of creative sampling has died." (Thu 5:42pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "Do feel disappointed that your second album didn't get the kind of sales and attention that the first did, despite being (arguably) better?" (Thu 5:42pm)
Geoff "As long as we can continue making music and paying the gas bill every month, I think we will be happy. It still amazes me that so many people buy our records anyway." (Thu 5:43pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "Are you spontaneous?" (Thu 5:44pm)
Geoff "I don't think I was for over 10 years. I was in a kind of working coma but I am beginning to be more spontaneous every day." (Thu 5:44pm)
Geoff "I've got to learn to take chances more." (Thu 5:45pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "Do you think that changes in your life change the tone of your music?" (Thu 5:46pm)
Geoff "Yes, absolutely. " (Thu 5:47pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "how?" (Thu 5:47pm)
Geoff "The same way that the changes in your life will set the mood for any creative work." (Thu 5:48pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "Has your music evolved since playing the recent live dates?" (Thu 5:49pm)
Geoff "We have changed a lot from the start of the tour which was ten months ago. We started to explore new areas and let go a bit more. When you are playing live, but you are recreating loops, you always have to hold back but we found a way to not lose it completely and still maintain the vibe." (Thu 5:51pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "What would be the ideal venue for a Portishead gig?" (Thu 5:51pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Ben, can we move to the last two questions please. Thanks a lot." (Thu 5:52pm)
Geoff "In another way, we just learnt to express ourselves more live and not be frightened of letting go. We have played so many venues now, it's really hard to say. We have played up to about 50,000 people in France on one night - that was excellent but then we have played a small club in Seattle to 600 people and it has been just as good - it really is a hard question to answer. As long as people are listening, we're happy." (Thu 5:53pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "Thanks for your answers and patience, one last question, what are you listening to at the moment?" (Thu 5:55pm)
Geoff "Arab Strap, Swollen Members, The Doors, loads of stuff really." (Thu 5:56pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "Swollen Members???" (Thu 5:57pm)
Tony - Music On-Line "Thanks a lot, Ben. give us a bell, Geoff. " (Thu 5:57pm)
Geoff "Cheers for the questions - take care." (Thu 5:57pm)
Ben - Retroactive Baggage "Cheers Geoff." (Thu 5:58pm)
Tony - Music On-Line [Tony exits] (Thu 5:58pm)
Ben - [Ben exits] (Thu 5:59pm)
Ben - [Ben exits] (Thu 5:59pm)
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