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Spice Girls - New Album - Forever

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, not to mention Rodney Jerkins have got a lot to answer for with this one. Spice Girls it ain't, pseudo R'n'B it is!

When one thinks of 'manufactured' acts and pre-fabricated popsters, the Spice Girls are usually top of the list. Their first album, Spice, released in 1996 left many a pre-pubescent girl out of pocket. Obviously this was very well targeted and subsequent efforts to quash the effect of Ginga Spice's departure lead to a metamorphosis of all five girls (except Baby Spice!). The Spice Girls had finally, almost, grown up. 'Forever' will probably mark this melodical maturity as the final mile post in their career together. The first track, Holler, leaves me wondering why Lucy Pearl hasn't sued them ! If only she'd had the same amount of airplay...

The R'n'B flava continues and is uncomfortably broken up by Mel C's drama student droning.

Verdict: Don't let the bass fool you, and don't play it too loud in your car 'cause 'Goodbye' kicks in at the end!
KOOL Rating: **/5

Marilyn Manson - Holy Wood - Out Nov 13th

Who ever said that Marilyn Manson was 'loud and violent' was absolutely bloody right. I didn't really know what to expect, from start to finish every track was an almost pleasant surprise. Forget the fact that this guy looks strange, he also sounds strange. Is it me or are the only Marilyn Manson fans white, middle class spotty kids? Rebelling against what? Why the expensive contact lenses and make-up? Anyway, back to the album, The production is breathtaking with the contradicting delicacy of a ballet; the mix is quite unbelievable. However, the sheer 'noise' of these tracks disguises the fact that underneath all that make-up, Halloween costume, abused white rich kid complex, lurks a talented little bastard trying to get back in! or as he says, "If you don't want to go out and hurt anybody after listening to the entire record, I think you can take it back for a refund." KOOL Rating ****/5

OASIS Live - Familiar to Millions - Out Nov 13th

Released on their own label, Big Brother is the live album recorded at their Wembley Stadium gig on the 21st July. They will also be releasing a DVD and VHS video of the same show on the same day!

I tried so hard to sit back and enjoy this (honest). This CD has been in the office for nearly a fortnight and I think I've played it 3 times in total. As the title suggests most of the tracks will be 'familiar to millions, and to be truthful, sound like a live 'best of' album which usually marks the end of a band. The now anthemic Wonderwall and Don't Look Back in Anger are still my favourites, but unless you're a serious collector stick to the original album versions. KOOL Rating **/5

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